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Autumn break at Skansen

During the autumn break, 28 October to 5 November, Skansen is filled with fun and exciting activities! Solve the riddles in the exciting mystery walk, listen to spooky stories, participate in crafts and much more.

  • Join in on a time travel adventure to the mid-1800s in this year’s mystery The Secret Society and the mysterious elixir! Meet exciting characters, discover Skansen’s historical environments and become a real detective story hero while solving riddles and looking for clues.

    Listen to eerie stories, visit the Wise Old Woman, meet Captain Reko and step into the magnificent Seglora Church to experience dramatic, beautiful musical performances.

  • More to come

    Soon you can read more about all the exciting activities during the autumn break.

Day Time
28 October 2023 10.00-17.00
29 October 2023 10.00-17.00
30 October 2023 10.00-17.00
31 October 2023 10.00-17.00
1 November 2023 10.00-17.00
2 November 2023 10.00-17.00
3 November 2023 10.00-17.00
4 November 2023 10.00-17.00
5 November 2023 10.00-17.00
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