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Broad View of Craftsmanship

Fourteen craftspeople, six materials and four floors. The knowledge and traditions of the past meet contemporary definitions, techniques and artistic interpretations of what craft is, what it can be and what it can become. Visit the Broad View of Craftsmanship exhibition!

  • During our Craft Days, weekends from 2 to 17 September, the Broad View of Craftsmanship (Bred blick på hantverk) exhibition will be on display in the Bredablick Tower. Built in 1876, this was Skansen’s first building and is not normally open to the public. Here you can discover materials, skills and artistic expressions, and see what happens when different crafts and artistry come together.

    With a focus on professionalism, we meet fourteen contemporary craftspeople and their individual ways of carrying the craft tradition into the future. Several of the participating artists will be on site to talk about their work and their processes.

    Broad View of Craftsmanship is being held in association with the Swedish Craft and Small Business Association. The curator is Stefan ‘Trendstefan’ Nilsson.

  • Participating craftspeople

    Cheramics and glass Gunilla Kihlgren, Caroline Harrius, Helena Malm and Viktor Erlandsson

    Metal Åsa Lockner, Tove Knuts and Anna Fernell

    Wood and paper Sofia Vusir Jansson, Emma Dahlqvist and Finn Ahlgren

    Textile Oscar Wall, Arianna E. Funk, Bea Szenfeld and Mirjam Hemström Farsi

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