Open-air museum

Meet people from times gone by. Explore historic houses, gardens and objects. Experience the customs, traditions and everyday jobs of the past. A journey through time at the world’s first open-air museum will fascinate visitors of all ages.

  • Houses and farmsteads

    Every building at Skansen has a story to tell. A story about the time when they were built, and about the people who lived there and how they lived. There are 190 museum buildings at Skansen. The oldest dates from the early 14th century, while the most modern is from the 1950s. Cross the threshold and step into history for a moment.

    More information about our houses and farmsteads to come!

  • Stroll through four centuries of Sweden’s horticultural history, from the south of the country all the way up to the north. Discover Skogaholm’s magnificent 18th-century kitchen garden, be inspired by 20th-century allotments, take in the glorious Rose Garden and explore the small plots of the 19th-century Old Town Quarter.