Frequently asked questions

we gathered answers to questions you might have before your visit.

  • Tickets, gift cards and payment

    • Entry tickets

      You can buy entry tickets at or from our entrances. Tickets for certain events are sold in advance by the concert organiser. Concert tickets always include entry to Skansen.

    • Annual passes

      Annual passes can be bought from and from our entrances during Skansen’s opening hours. Cards are valid for twelve months, and are activated at the time of your first visit. Passes must always be activated within three months. (Passes are activated immediately when purchased at our entrances.)

    • Groups

      A group consists of at least ten paying adults. Group tickets can be purchased on site or via a travel agent.

    • Student discounts

      Students can get a discount of SEK 20 off the current adult price on production of valid student ID.

    • Disability pension recipients

      You are entitled to pensioner’s entry on production of currently valid certification of at least 50% disability pension (sickness compensation). When purchasing an annual pass, valid certification of at least 50% disability pension (sickness compensation) must be produced (valid for at least 6 consecutive months from the current date).

    • Entry to the Children’s Zoo and the Baltic Sea Science Center

      Entry to the Children’s Zoo and the Baltic Sea Science Center are included in the entry ticket.

    • Tickets to Skansen Aquarium

      Entry to Skansen Aquarium is not included in the entry ticket. You can buy a ticket at the aquarium.

    • Gift cards

      The Skansen shop sells gift cards of various denominations. You can also buy gift cards at

    • Free tickets

      Our old undated free tickets were valid until 31 December 2018. Free tickets with an end date are only valid until their expiry date.

    • Cash

      Skansen’s main entrance and the Hazelius Gate accept cash. Only card payments can be accepted at the Solliden Entrance.

      Skansen Aquarium, the Glassworks and most restaurants accept cash.

      Skansen museum shop outside the main entrance, Lill-Skansen museum shop and Skansen museum shop in the Lodge accept cash. The bakery, the pottery, Galejankiosken and Kvarnenboden are cashless.

      The small stalls on Market Street are rented by small businesses and individuals on a weekly basis, and often do not accept cash.

    • In case of rain

      Skansen is an outdoor arena and all events take place regardless of the weather. Should an event be cancelled, it  will be communicated here on the website.

  • Other information

    • Parking spaces

      Unfortunately, we do not have any parking spaces at Skansen. The nearest car parking can be found at the Vasa Museum, at Bellmansro (near Rosendal), on Strandvägen or on Narvavägen. There are parking spaces for coaches at Junibacken at Galärvarvet.

    • Pushchairs

      Strollers can be hired from the main entrance.

    • Bicycles and scooters

      Bicycles and scooters are not permitted in the area. Nor are skateboards or roller skates.

    • Borrowing wheelchairs

      We have a few wheelchairs that can be borrowed free of charge. These cannot be booked, and are lent on a first come, first served basis. Wheelchairs can be borrowed from the main entrance.

    • Toilets and baby changing

      Changing tables are available at all toilets. Toilets can be found at the main entrance, the Hazelius Gate, Vaktstugan, Högloftet, the Forestry Centre and the Galejan Fairground. Disabled toilets can be found at the main entrance, the Hazelius Gate, the Forestry Centre and Högloftet. The Children’s Zoo also has toilets and changing rooms, as well as smaller toilets for younger visitors. You can find our toilets here. (Link)

    • Resting room

      There is a resting room at the main entrance, which can be locked if needed. Contact a security guard on 08‑662 14 66 or a member of staff at the main entrance.

    • Picnics at Skansen

      You can bring a picnic, but you must not eat it in the immediate vicinity of historic buildings or in the churchyard. Torslunden has an area with tables and benches. Other good picnic spots include Tingsvallen and Orsakullen.

    • Barbecuing at Skansen

      Skansen has barbecues set up at Bollnäs Square during periods when there is no fire risk at Skansen. However, you must never barbecue during the summer months (May to August). Nor are you permitted to bring your own barbecue.

    • Food allergies

      All our restaurants have alternative menus. If you have any specific requests, please contact the restaurant you plan to visit.

    • Dogs at Skansen

      Assistance dogs are the only dogs allowed at Skansen. They must be vaccinated and wear a vest.

    • Smoking

      Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

    • ATM

      There is an ATM outside Gröna Lund at Allmänna Gränd 6.

    • Storage lockers

      There are storage lockers at the main entrance. The lockers are of two sizes. The bigger ones 60 x 55 x 60 cm, the smaller 60 x 28 x 60 cm.
      Pay through QR-code in your phone.

    • Lost property

      Any items that are found are kept at the main entrance. Contact Please describe the lost item in detail, and tell us when and where you lost it.

      If you do not have email access, please call 08‑442 8209 between 13:00 and 14:00.

    • Fireworks and lanterns

      Fireworks and lanterns are not permitted at Skansen.

      If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please contact us at