Skansen should be accessible for everyone, and we are always working to improve our accessibility. If you have any questions or suggestions for how we can improve, please do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Useful information for disabled visitors

    Skansen is a large park situated on a hill. The terrain hilly in places, with steep slopes, cobbled stretches and fairly long distances between our attractions. There are both paved surfaces and forests. The park also has historic areas with buildings that cannot always be adapted as we would like.

  • Accessibility improvements

    We strive constantly to improve accessibility at Skansen. We are grateful for any suggestions that can help us to ensure that all guests have the best possible experience. If you have any questions or suggestions for how we can improve, please do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Entrances

    The main entrance is at the front of the museum, facing towards Djurgårdsvägen. The address is Djurgårdsslätten 49.
    Inside the main entrance is a lifting table from street level up to Spegeldammen. The lifting table has space for wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs and pushchairs (max. 500 kg). From Spegeldammen, an escalator and some steep paths lead further up.

    The address for the Solliden Entrance is Sollidsbacken 9. Mobility services and taxis can drive in here to pick up and drop off visitors on Skansenberget, on the turning area outside the Solliden restaurant. The entry fee must be paid on entering.

    The Hazelius Gate is open at certain times of the year. The address is Hazeliusporten 2. The funicular railway inside the Hazelius Gate can take wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs and pushchairs up onto Skansenberget. Wheelchair users and their assistants can travel for free on the funicular railway. The funicular is open in the evening for the Allsång på Skansen, but not the other concerts. See our current opening hours.

  • Public transport

    Tram line 7 runs from T-Centralen and stops right outside the main entrance. The trams have dedicated spaces for wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs and pushchairs.

    Bus 67 (starts at Odenplan) stops right outside the main entrance. Bus 69 (starts at T-Centralen) and bus 76 (starts at Frihamnen) stop on Djurgårdsbron Bridge, 950 metres from the main entrance.

    Ferry line 82 operates on the Slussen–Skeppsholmen–Djurgården route and stops at Allmänna Gränd, 400 metres from the main entrance.

    The ferry M/S Emelie runs between Hammarby Sjöstad–Masthamnen (Viking Line terminal)–Djurgården and Nybroplan. The ferry stops at Allmänna Gränd, 400 metres from the main entrance.


    There is a limited number of parking spaces for disabled visitors at the Solliden restaurant (enter via the Solliden Entrance). Due to the limited number of spaces, we cannot guarantee availability.

    Guides and assistants

    Guides and assistants accompanying paying visitors can enter for free on production of an official assistant’s card.

    Group cards for care homes/nursing homes/group accommodation

    Staff and patients/residents from care homes, nursing homes, group accommodation and similar institutions can apply for a discounted entry card. This card costs SEK 1,500, and gives free entry for up to 15 people (including staff). Cards apply per calendar year, and must always be brought with you. Group cards can be ordered by email.


    Guide dogs, hearing dogs and other assistance dogs are welcome. During your visit, the dog should wear a service vest to show that it is a working dog.
    Before visiting, the owner or handler should sign a form to confirm that the dog has been vaccinated against distemper and parvovirus, and that the dog has not shown any symptoms of infectious disease. Forms are available from the entrances.


    Toilets with wheelchair access can be found at the main entrance, at the Hazelius Gate, behind Högloftet, and at the Forestry Centre and the Children’s Zoo. During the summer (Midsummer to August) and during the Christmas period, there is a temporary toilet with wheelchair access at Vaktstugan. There are toilets with powered wheelchair access behind the Bredablick Tower, inside the Terrassen restaurant and at the main entrance (requires help with doors).

    Indoor museum and zoo attractions

    The Baltic Sea Science Center has a lift, and all floors are accessible for wheelchair and powered wheelchair users.

    At the Children’s Zoo, almost all our visitor areas are accessible by wheelchair and powered wheelchair. The only exceptions are a few caves and crawl spaces. At the enclosed petting area, there is a gate that staff can open. All doors at the Children’s Zoo have door openers.

    Skansen Aquarium and all the animals there are accessible for wheelchair and powered wheelchair users. The only exception is the skeleton exhibition, which is not accessible during the summer.

    At Skansen, there are historic areas with buildings that cannot always be adapted as we would like. Find out more about those areas that are accessible via a wheelchair ramp below.

    Wheelchair ramps

    There are fixed wheelchair ramps at Seglora Church, the Furniture Factory, the Engineering Works, Bollnäs House and the Lodge at Bollnäs Square. The Ironmonger’s Apartment has a fixed ramp at the house section, from which the Ironmongery can be accessed. There are also wheelchair ramps at the Skansen shop outside the main entrance and in the Lodge.
    Portable wheelchair ramps can be set up at the Skåne Farmstead, the Farm Labourer’s Cottage and Väla School.

    Wheelchair spaces at events

    There is a wheelchair area to the right of the Solliden Stage. This area is only intended for wheelchair users and one assistant per wheelchair.
    For seated events at the Galejan Fairground, there are designated wheelchair spaces.

    Restaurants and cafés

    The Koloni café, the Tre Byttor tavern, the Gubbhyllan restaurant, the Terrassen restaurant and the Solliden restaurant are accessible for wheelchair and powered wheelchair users.

    Food allergies

    All our restaurants have alternative menus. If you have any specific requests, please contact the restaurant you plan to visit.
    Smoking is only permitted in designated areas with ash buckets.

    Hearing impairments

    There is an induction loop in Seglora Church, covering the central parts of the church. There are also induction loops in front of the Solliden Stage and in the wheelchair area.

Other information

  • Baby changing

    All toilets have changing tables.

  • Resting room

    There is a resting room at the main entrance, which can be locked if needed. Contact a security guard on 08‑662 14 66 or a member of staff at the main entrance.

  • Pushchairs

    Strollers can be hired from the main entrance.

  • Storage lockers

    There are storage lockers at the main entrance. The lockers are 40x30x27 centimetres in size. Tokens for the lockers can be purchased from the main entrance and the information kiosk inside the main entrance.