Allsång på Skansen

What's a summer without Allsång på Skansen? On June 25, the greatest folk festival of the year starts under the direction of Pernilla Wahlgren - come to Solliden stage to enjoy the summer, entertainment, and sing-along!

  • Bag bans and security control

    All guests attending Allsång på Skansen will be searched upon entering the stage area. Bags are strictly prohibited. Read more under the FAQ section.

  • Live Broadcast + The Allsång stage is yours

    Regular: SEK 345

    Student/senior: SEK 325

    Children 4-15 years: SEK 130

    Annual pass, regular: SEK 315

    Annual pass, student/senior: SEK 295

    Children aged 0-4 enter for free, but must then be able to sit on the lap of an accompanying adult.


    Ordinary: SEK 305

    Student/senior: SEK 290

    Children 4-15 years: SEK 105

    Annual pass: SEK 290

    Annual pass, student/senior: SEK 280

    Children aged 0-4 enter for free, but must then be able to sit on the lap of an accompanying adult.

  • This summer, Allsång på Skansen will be broadcast on TV from the Solliden stage during eight Tuesday evenings (June 25, July 2, July 9, July 16, July 23, July 30, August 6, and August 13).

    Here you will find information about the performers and tickets, as well as practical information for your visit under the FAQ section.

  • Standing spots are always available.

    If the performance or rehearsal you wish to attend has sold out seats, there are a few unnumbered seats on the grade meadows and there is always room for standing – then you must pay ordinary Skansen entrance. The annual pass applies.

  • This year's performers

    Program 1 (June 25)
    Molly Hammar
    Albin Lee Meldau
    Tina Ahlin, Marlena Ernman med Orsa Spelmän
    Marcus & Martinus

    Program 2 (July 2)
    Peg Parnevik
    Tomas Ledin
    Omar Rudberg
    Mange Schmidt & Byz

    Program 3 (July 9)
    Jill & The Johnsons
    Timo Räisänen, Oscar Zia & Parham
    Tommy Nilsson

    Program 4 (July 16)
    Fröken Snusk
    Peter Jöback
    Zoe Lobos

    Program 5 (July 23)
    Maja Francis
    Smash Into Pieces
    Titti Sjöblom, Ehrling Eliasson & Linda Pettersson
    Norlie & KKV

    Program 6 (July 30)
    Elisabeth Andreassen & Lotta Engberg
    Uno Svenningson
    Ellen Krauss

    Program 7 (August 6)
    Simon Superti
    Dream Girls
    Anji & Lisa Ekdahl
    Christer Sjögren

    Allsångsscenen är din: Miss-Li

    Program 8 (August 13)
    Miriam Bryant
    Isak Danielsson

  • Ticket information

    There are three types of seats/tickets:

    1. Parquet with numbered seats, purchased via Ticketmaster for both rehearsal and the live broadcast.
    2. Unnumbered seating, on a first-come, first-served basis, in the tiered meadows to the right of the stage. Ordinary entrance tickets and annual passes at Skansen apply.
    3. Standing spots are always available. Ordinary entrance tickets and annual passes at Skansen apply.

    The prices below apply to numbered parquet seating tickets purchased via Ticketmaster.


  • What are the different types of seats/tickets?

    There are three types of seats/tickets.

    1. Parquet, numbered seat. Tickets are purchased through Ticketmaster for both rehearsals and weekly broadcasts.

    2. Unnumbered seating on a first-come, first-served basis, on the tiered meadows to the right of the stage. Ordinary entrance ticket to Skansen applies. Pre-purchase your entrance ticket to get into the park faster, or buy an annual pass to attend Allsång på Skansen during the summer and Skansen for a whole year!

    3. Standing spots are always available. Ordinary entrance ticket to Skansen applies. Pre-purchase your entrance ticket to get into the park faster, or buy an annual pass to attend Allsång på Skansen during the summer and Skansen for a whole year!

  • What time is Allsång på Skansen?

    The premiere is June 25, 2024, and eight wonderful sing-along Tuesdays will follow, ending on August 13.

    Rehearsals at Sollidenscenen take place on Mondays and Tuesdays. The main rehearsal is at 17.00-18.00. The program is broadcast live on SVT and SVT Play starting at 20.00 and ending at around 21.15.

  • Bag bans and security control

    Allsång på Skansen has a total bag ban. This applies to all types of bags regardless of size, including transparent or covered bags.

    Exceptions can be made for people with medical reasons, who need to bring a smaller bag with them and for people with children who need a diaper bag. Medicine/diaper bag carried will be checked by authorized staff upon entry.

    All guests attending Allsång på Skansen are searched upon when entering the stage area. Security control are handled by authorized personnel.

    Authorized personnel on site may refuse bags that are not deemed to meet the requirements to be exempted from the ban.

    Bag storage is available at Skansen’s main entrance. The fee for submission is SEK 50/bag.

  • Can't you bring a bag to Skansen on Tuesdays?

    The bag ban only applies within the cordoned off area around the Solliden stage. The rest of Skansen is not covered, which means that you as a visitor to the park may carry a bag with you just as usual.

  • Can I visit the Solliden restaurant on Tuesdays?

    Yes. However, the restaurant is located within a cordoned-off stage area, which means that bags may not be brought in on Tuesdays.

  • Can I bring an fan sign with me to Allsång på Skansen??

    Flat signs with names of performers are not covered by the ban and may be taken into the stage area.

  • Can I leave the stage area during the day and come back later??

    Yes, it is possible to pass in and out during the day. At each entry, you are searched again.

  • What is inside the cordoned off stage area?

    Within the stage area there are Holken toilets, water, restaurant, sales booths and food trucks.

  • Is there food and drink for sale?

    Yes, restaurant Solliden is open as well as several sales booths and food trucks within the stage area.

  • When do I need to be there?

    Come early, due to increased security, entry to the stage area may take longer than in previous years.

    If you have bought a numbered seat on the parquet via Ticketmaster, you must take it in time to avoid losing it.

    Admission to the main rehearsal is from 4:00 p.m. Admission to the live broadcast opens at 18.30. All seats for the rehearsal must be occupied no later than 16.45 and until broadcast at 19.20.

    If you want an unnumbered seat on the tiered meadows (to the right of the stage), we recommend being there when the Skansen opens at 10.00 as there are only a few and first come, first served. Please note that you may not take up space during the day by placing a jacket, blanket or similar on a seat and then leaving. You need to sit in the place throughout the day and if you need to leave to go to the toilet etc. someone needs to hold your place for you. You may hold a maximum of 1 seat per person at a time.

    Standing spots can be taken from the time Skansen opens at 10.00. Standing spots cannot be reserved or booked.

  • I have bought a parquet seat for the main rehearsal, can I stay and watch the live broadcast?

    You are welcome to stay in the area to watch the broadcast, but you must leave your seat after the main rehearsal is over, unless you have also bought a ticket for the live broadcast.

  • I have not bought a ticket via Ticketmaster. Can I still watch Allsång på Skansen??

    Since there is always room for standing and a smaller number of seats according to the first-come, first-served principle. These seats are on the terrace, to the right of the stage.

    For both these standing places and seats, you pay regular admission to Skansen, annual pass applies. Pre-purchase your entrance ticket to get into the park faster.

  • What about wheelchair users?

    There are designated places for people in wheelchairs or permobiles.

    For safety reasons, you may not replace an audience chair with a wheelchair or permobile. We can therefore only accept wheelchairs and permobiles in the designated place. You buy the ticket on Ticketmaster’s website.

  • What applies to non-wheelchair users with companions?

    For those who buy a regular seat in the parquet, i.e. not a wheelchair seat, both you as a user and your companion(s) need to have a separate ticket.

    As a user, you can reserve a seat for you and an accompanying companion by calling Ticketmaster’s Availability Line on the phone number 0776-707777

  • What about strollers?

    For safety reasons, strollers may not be brought into the seating area, but must be parked outside the entrance. If the stroller can be folded and placed under a seat, it is fine to store it there.

  • Can I use an umbrella?

    Since we want everyone who comes to Allsång på Skansen to see as much as possible, umbrellas may not be used during the program.

  • Can I take photos and videos?

    We do not allow the use of professional photo/film equipment during rehearsals or the live broadcast with the exception of accredited press.

    If you want to take photos or film for a short time, we ask that you show consideration for others in the audience as well as the performers on stage. Do not keep the cellphone up for too long since it can disturb the experience on site, which is best in the present!

  • Leaders of Allsång på Skansen over the years

    Bosse Larsson


    Lasse Berghagen


    Anders Lundin


    Måns Zelmerlöw


    Petra Marklund


    Sanna Nielsen


    Pernilla Wahlgren

  • A Skansen tradition since 1935.

    Sven Lilja established the sing-along tradition at Skansen in 1935 and served as sing-along leader until 1950.

    Allsång på Skansen was initially shown on SVT on August 3, 1979, followed by three additional programs that summer. There were eight programs shown in 1980, and four in 1984.

    Since 1990, SVT has broadcast Allsång på Skansen every summer.

The first leader of Allsång på Skansen Sven Lilja, 1940

Sing-along evening in July1943. Photography: Lennart af Petersens/Stadsmuseet in Stockholm

Day Time
Today, 23 July 2024 20.00-21.00
30 July 2024 20.00-21.00
6 August 2024 20.00-21.00
13 August 2024 20.00-21.00
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