A sustainable walk through horticultural history

Join one of our gardeners on a walk through Skansen’s gardens! Together, we’ll discover Swedish gardening history from the late 18th century to the present day, topping up both your energy levels and your knowledge.

  • Invite employees, customers or partners to an outdoor experience that leaves you filled with energy and new, sustainable knowledge. Skansen’s historic gardens and allotments show how people have grown plants for practical use and pleasure throughout the ages.

    Join us on a walk through Swedish gardening history, from the late 18th century to the present day. The gardens reveal the differences between rich and poor, as well as gardening ideals from around Sweden. The walk also highlights fascinating links to the present, including topical themes such as sustainability and reuse.

    Top tip! Round off the day with dinner at one of our restaurants.

    Remember! Make sure you wear comfortable shoes – there will be a lot of walking.

  • Information

    When: April–October
    1 hour
    Number of participants:
    25 per group
    Corporate rate:
    SEK 5,500 (excl. VAT), including entry to Skansen
    08-442 82 70 or email bokning@skansen.se