Surprise visit - a guest appearance by a Skansen expert

Have you booked a conference, a dinner or a party? Get even more out of Skansen! One of our animal keepers will come by, giving you a well-deserved and memorable break.

  • At an agreed time during your conference or dinner, one of our experienced zookeepers will show up as a welcome break in the list of speakers!

    They will bring along a few small animals, such as a tarantula, a rat or a corn snake. The animal encounter will lead to fascinating conversations and unexpected learning. Alternatively, the zookeeper can bring traces of larger animals: a skull, a hide or even some bear droppings.

    Psst! In view of any possible phobias, we’ll always let you know which animals we have brought before presenting them.

  • Information

    Location: Your restaurant or conference venue at Skansen
    All year round, daytime or evening
    15–30 minutes
    SEK 3,500 (excl. VAT)
    08-442 82 70 or email