Sweden through the ages

What was life like in the past? Take a peek inside Skansen’s buildings and farmsteads, and explore living conditions in the countryside and in the city, for rich and poor, in the north and in the south.

  • Look into our different environments, and find out what it was like to live there in the past. Discover life in the city and the countryside, the differences between rich and poor, or living conditions in the north and south of Sweden. A cultural history guide takes you into a selection of Skansen’s buildings and farmsteads, and explains what life has been like throughout history.

  • Information

    When: Bookable on request
    1 hour
    Up to 25 per group
    Corporate rate:
    SEK 5,500 (incl. VAT), including entry to Skansen
    08-442 82 70 or email bokning@skansen.se