The Skansen Challenge – a different kind of teambuilding!

The Skansen Challenge is a team competition consisting of questions, puzzles and tasks to solve. Challenge each other and build new forms of cooperation – right in the heart of Stockholm.

  • Armed with a map each, the teams will head out to Skansen’s historic buildings, gardens and animals, where they will face different challenges. Along the way, there will be manned stations where animal keepers and activity leaders will challenge the teams to solve tasks and earn extra points.

    The Skansen Challenge is the ideal way to round off a corporate day or a conference. The activity ends with a prize-giving ceremony – possibly in connection with dinner at one of our restaurants. Experience a combination of fun and learning together: Teambuilding the Skansen way!

    Upgrade your experience! Outdoor candles and fires, a host dressed in folk costume, something to eat and drink, or singing and dancing – ask us, and we’ll tell you more.

  • Information

    When: All year round, any time
    1.5–2 hours
    Number of participants:
    8–300 people
    Fewer than 30 people: SEK 17,000
    31–60 people: SEK 27,000
    More than 60 participants:
    Ask for a quotation
    Price excludes VAT, but includes entry to Skansen