Flea Market at Skansen

For the first time Skansen is arranging our very own flea market "Loppis"! On Sundays in April the historic dance floor at Galejan will be turned into a place for your belongings to find a new home and a longer life! Or why not stop by to make some great finds? Here you will find everything you need to know about our flea market and how to book a selling spot.

  • Galejan is Skansen’s fairground area with a dance floor and stage that have been providing entertainment since 1937. This spring, the dance floor will be open for the flea market – feel welcome to come by for bargains, or to sell your own items!


    • Sunday April 7, between 10:00–15:00
    • Sunday April 14, between 10:00–15:00
    • Sunday April 21, between 10:00–15:00
    • Sunday April 28, between 10:00–15:00

    Visiting the Flea Market is included in the regular entrance ticket to Skansen. Annual passes are valid as entrance tickets.

  • Book a selling spot

    Selling at a flea market is both fun, social, and environmentally friendly. The flea market is held indoors so you can sell and browse through flea market finds regardless of the weather.


    Choose between booking a spot with a table or a spot with a table + clothes rack:

    • 250 SEK (spot with a table)
    • 400 SEK (spot with a table + clothes rack)

    Each booking of a selling spot is valid for two (2) persons/sellers. Additional persons/sellers pay the regular entrance fee to Skansen to join the group, or book an additional selling spot.

    Note that hangers are not included when booking a spot with a table + clothes rack, so bring as many hangers you will need for your garments.

    Booking and payment

    • You book and pay for your spot via the form below
    • The flea market has a total of 30 selling spots per date, it is possible to book multiple selling spots
    • You will be assigned your selling spot upon arrival at the flea market


    Practical information and tips for sellers can be found further down on this page.

Practical information and tips for sellers

  • What can I sell/cannot sell?

    A good rule of thumb is to sell things that you yourself would consider buying! At Skansen’s flea market, you can only sell used items and goods. These can include clothes, toys, home decor items, leisure articles, books, etc.

    It is not allowed to sell upholstered furniture due to the risk of pests. You cannot sell new items or self-made products (e.g., ceramics).

    It is not allowed to sell any food or beverages.

    It is not allowed to sell weapons (including ornaments, knives, swords, air rifles), anything potentially offensive, or items that are illegal, nothing with political/religious messages, or live animals.

    Skansen reserves the right to reject items and sellers that disrupt the flea market/do not follow the guidelines.

  • Signs, pricing, and payment

    Make your spot inviting and organized! It’s recommended to bring your own sign (preferably avoiding plastic) displaying what you’re selling or containing payment instructions.

    Many flea market shoppers prefer to pay with Swish, but it’s good to have a small amount of change and bills on hand.

    You determine the prices for what you’re selling. Either you price tag your items or accept bids on-site.

    If you’re selling delicate items, it’s advisable to bring newspaper for wrapping them, as buyers often appreciate this. Similarly, if you can provide bags, it’s helpful.

  • Check-in and operating hours

    The flea market is open to Skansen visitors from 10:00–15:00. Seller check-in takes place at the flea market, Galejan’s dance floor, between 08:30–09:30. Upon arrival, you will be assigned your selling spot by the on-site staff.

    After 15:00, all sellers pack up and take any unsold items and possible trash home with them. It’s not allowed to leave any items or garbage on the premises.

    If you arrive on foot or by public transport, enter through Skansen’s main entrance. If you arrive by car, we recommend using the Solliden entrance/Sollidsporten (see more information below).

  • Can I come by car? Is there parking available?

    Since parking spaces and car space at Skansen are limited, we recommend, in the first instance, arriving without a car or parking outside Skansen’s area. Note that there are high parking fees both at Skansen and on Djurgården (the island where Skansen is located).

    We recommend arriving early to avoid queues for unloading and to increase the chance of getting a parking spot.

    If you arrive by car to unload/load your items (not for parking during the day):

    • Enter via the Solliden entrance between 08:30–09:30

    • Our staff will direct you to a designated unloading spot; this is not a parking space, so the car needs to leave Skansen afterward

    • Note that this spot is located 30-50 meters from the flea market area, so you’ll need to carry your items from the car to your selling spot

    • All cars need to be out of the area by 09:50

    • You won’t be able to drive back into the area until Skansen closes at 16:00

    If you arrive by car and want to park at Skansen during the day:

    Parking spaces are limited (first come, first served) and not included in Skansen’s entrance fee

    • Inform the staff that you want parking at Solliden entrance and pay. The staff will show you where to park (otherwise, you risk a parking fine)

    • Note that the parking lot is a short distance from the flea market area, so you’ll need to carry your items from the car to your selling spot.

    At Solliden entrance, there are some hand trolleys available to borrow to transport your items from the flea market area to your car.

  • What does my selling spot look like/how much space do I have?

    The flea market takes place indoors, and during spring, Galejan’s dance floor is surrounded by temporary walls. However, these are not insulated, so depending on the day’s weather it might be slightly colder inside.

    When booking your selling spot, you choose between a spot with a table or a spot with a table + clothes rack.

    Each selling spot has an area of approximately 2.5 x 2 meters in total, with 2 meters being the width. You need to stay within your designated area with all your items.

    The table measures 180 x 70 cm, and you have about 1 meter of space in front of your spot if you want to display items such as boxes.

  • Can I bring my own clothes rack?

    Yes, if you’ve booked a spot with just a table, you can bring your own clothes rack, but you still need to stay within your designated selling area.

  • How do I get to the flea market?

    Galejan is located adjacent to both the main entrance and the Solliden entrance at Skansen.

    The main entrance opens at 10:00 and Solliden entrance is open for flea market sellers from 8:30.

    If you’re traveling by public transport and bringing your items without a car, it’s most convenient to arrive via the main entrance. Getting to Skansen by public transportation, both by land and by sea, is very feasible. Read more.

    If you’re arriving by car, see the above section “Can I come by car? Is there parking available?”

  • Storage, electricity, toilets

    You can store your own cardboard boxes/bags/packaging in the dance floor’s dressing rooms. Skansen is not responsible for personal belongings.

    Remember that you need to take any unsold items and packaging home after your participation.

    There will be very limited access to power outlets in the flea market area.

    The nearest toilet is just a few meters behind Galejan, in a separate building.

  • Accessibility for visitors

    The path to Galejan is wheelchair accessible, and the dance floor/flea market area is on ground level.

    It’s possible to enter the flea market with a stroller.

  • Safety and security

    In case of urgent safety or security concerns, medical emergencies, or fires, first dial 112 and then call Security (08-442 81 12) to inform them so they can direct rescue personnel to the right location.

    For non-urgent injuries, contact Solliden entrance or the nearest Skansen staff.

    The nearest defibrillator and first aid kit are located at Solliden entrance.

    Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

  • Cancellation and booking terms

    Booking is binding; a selling spot at the flea market cannot be canceled or changed.

    If you’re unable to attend (e.g., due to illness), you can transfer your selling spot to someone else, but no refunds will be issued. If you transfer your spot, ask the person to mention your name in the booking when they arrive.

    By completing the payment for the selling spot ticket, you agree to the rules and conditions set for the flea market on this website.

  • Contact

    Further questions? Contact us at loppis@skansen.se

Day Time
14 April 2024 10.00-15.00
21 April 2024 10.00-15.00
28 April 2024 10.00-15.00
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