Culture Night Stockholm 2024 (Kulturnatt)

During spring, love flourishes in the park – welcome to a loving and exploratory spring evening at Skansen during the Culture Night on April 20! Free entry all evening and opening hours between 18.00-24.00.

  • Here you will find information about the Culture Night Stockholm at Skansen, time and locations for the exciting activities.

    A playful and educational evening in the name of love

    Dive deep into the animal kingdom’s mating rituals, historical personal ads and get real-life advice on all your love troubles. Go on a singles tour and experience the city’s swingiest dance floor with the country club STHLM HONKY TONK!

    Food and beverage

    • At the Bollnäs square you can buy dinner, beer, wine, Swedish fika and more throughout the evening
    • Restaurant Gubbhyllan offers sandwiches and Swedish fika throughout the evening
    • Krogen Stora Gungan serves warm food and Swedish fika until 22:00
  • Elk at Skansen
    Guided tour for single people

    20:00, starts at Bredablick tower (30 min)

    Meet other animal-loving singles during a thrilling twilight hike! Together we learn about the biology and love language of the animal kingdom, while we walk through Skansen and visit some of the animals awake in the evening.


    Limited number of spots, pre-registration is made in the main entrance between 18:00-19:45.

  • Föreläsning
    In Swedish: Kontaktannonser genom tiderna

    20.00 och 21.20, filmsalen på Baltic Sea Science Center (40 min)

    Historikern fil. dr. Josefin Englund tar oss med på en tidsresa genom kontaktannonser och könsideal. Hon har forskat på över 100 år av män och kvinnors sökande efter en livspartner genom annonser där de beskrivit sig själva och den de söker. Finns det några likheter med dagens dejtingprofiler? Ställ dina frågor under frågestunden!


    Begränsat antal platser, först till kvarn

  • Dancefloor and two-step course with STHLM HONKY TONK

    Dream away to steamy Texas nights when the country club STHLM HONKY TONK takes over the Bollnäs square dance floor!

    At 20:00 and 20:30, you and a dance partner of choice can learn the country/western two-step dance from their skilled instructors.

    From 21:00 we dance into the night to country and western swing with the band As Good As Brothers and their guest Mira Svanered, Hälsingland’s own Patsy Cline.

  • Drop in

    Stories of love and real-life advice at Back Mats' cottage

    18:00-24:00, Back-Mat’s cottage

    Get cozy by the fire for some historical advice on love and relationships.


    At certain hours, the stories are held on specific themes.

  • Guided tour

    Nature's strategies for partnership and mating

    18:30 and 21:30, meeting at Bredablick tower (30 min)

    Together we walk through Skansen and visit some of the animals awake in the evening, while we learn more about the diversity of the animal partner selection.

  • Guided tour

    Friendship across borders

    18:30, 19:30, 20:40, 22:30

    Baltic Sea Science Center (15 min)

    The Baltic Sea has historically both symbolized power struggles and functioned as an intertwining link between people. Follow along and learn more!

  • Storytelling

    Love through history

    19:00 and 22:00, Back-Mat’s cottage (30 min)

    How did one find a partner back in the day? How did you date and show interest in someone you liked? Join us in a closer look at history and listen to stories about love and relationships.

  • Guided tour

    Love beneath the surface

    19:00, 20:00, 21:00, 22:00, 23:00
    Baltic Sea Science Center (15 min)

    Explore the love lives of the Baltic Sea inhabitants! Learn about the grunting dance of the cod, the funny solution of the barnacle and much more about love and animal mating beneath the surface.

  • Storytelling

    Who was allowed love who?

    20:30, Back-Mat’s cottage (15 min)

    A closer look at how laws have regulated and influenced the view of love and partnership throughout history.

  • Drop in

    Meet an expert in the mating rituals of animals

    22:30-24:00, by the moose enclosure

    Our biological dating expert knows all about the different strategies of the animal mating rituals! Ask questions about attraction, mating, reproduction or anything else you’re wondering about.

  • Fire appliances and matchbox production

    18:00-24:00, Snus and Match Museum

    Discover different appliances that people have used to make fire throughout history, we show fire tools from our collections. Learn about the history of matches and create your own matchbox.

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