Skansen's Folk Dancers

The dancers are dressed in National costumes from different parts of Sweden and the music is played by the Skansen Folk musicians.

  • We are proud to have one of Sweden’s leading folk dance groups, bringing dance traditions to life to the accompaniment of Skansen’s folk musicians.

    The performances reflect the rural dance traditions as practised by the folk dance movement since the end of the 19th century.

    Dance traditions have changed over time. New fashions have evolved, which now co-exist alongside older dances. Sometimes the dances have merged with each other, while at other times new dances have replaced the older ones.

    The folk dance group performs group dances and couple dances from different places and with their roots in different times. Some dances have been danced for pleasure, while others are stage adaptations and some are pure choreography inspired by folk traditions, all to the music of Skansen’s folk musicians.

    In the event of rain, the dancing will move to Brage Hall


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