The Garden of Possibilities

Since 2019, we have been remodelling the Garden of Possibilities as a Forest Garden. Taking the forest as our inspiration, we are creating a sustainable environment and a place for thinking, recreation and reflection.

  • The Garden of Possibilities has had different themes over the years. The forest is the model for the emerging Forest Garden, which will remain for longer than previous themes in the Garden of Possibilities.

    Here, environments are being created that are sustainable and will eventually take care of themselves. Exciting edible perennials, bushes and trees are growing from the soil, and will form a space for thinking, recreation and reflection, while also providing a source of knowledge and inspiration. The area will eventually be combined with the urban gardens next to the allotments.

    Work on the new Forest Garden began in spring 2019, and will take place in four stages. The idea of the Forest Garden is to incorporate the current area so that it forms a glade together with the grove behind it.

    The history of the Garden of Possibilities

    In 2005, the same year that the Swedish Government decided all public institutions should be made accessible, Skansen created a garden with the theme of the Garden of Possibilities. Putting the grower at the centre, the garden took shape and grew into something that everyone can enjoy.

    Since then, the site has had a number of different themes and partners. As well as taking Lasse Lindgren’s book “The Garden of Possibilities” as a starting point, there have also been themes based on Elisabeth Swalin-Gunnarsson’s book “In the Gardener’s Footsteps” and Agneta Magnusson’s passionate interest in field peas.

    Themes over the years

    • A garden adapted for functional variations and inspired by Lasse Lindgren’s book “The Garden of Possibilities”
    • Multicultural cultivation, representing different parts of the world
    • A school garden, involving four school classes from different parts of Stockholm
    • A garden based on the book “In the Gardener’s Footsteps” in collaboration with Elisabeth Swalin-Gunnarsson
    • The Children’s Garden – a fifth grade class helped with the design and plant choices
    • A garden with field peas and other peas in collaboration with Agneta Magnusson
    • A garden with green manure
    • A forest garden – ongoing (started in 2019)

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The Garden of Possibilities