Summer break at Skansen

During the summer, Skansen features a variety of fun and interesting activities! Enjoy your summer break here, there are fun activities for everyone, every day!

  • Sing with Captain Reko

    Come sing with Captain Reko and The Children’s Zoo Theater! See the climate-smart mini-musical Sweep or Swoop? Furthermore, you can participate in our singing sessions and sing your favorite songs.

  • From July 1, The Älvros Farmstead will feature folklore with Skansen’s storytellers, folk music with Skansen Folk Musicians and our program hosts performing songs from across the country.

  • Experience farm life

    There will always be plenty of things to do at the farm, which is helpful and fun for all ages. Back Mat’s cottage invites you to experience livelihood at the end of the nineteenth century, which includes cleaning, cooking and playing with marbles! Visit Skåne Farmstead and participate in early 20th century farming activities.

  • 10.30-16.00

    Try old-fashioned games from when your grandmother’s mother and grandfather were young! You can play at the Hazelius meadow all summer long, so why not challenge a friend or the whole family?

  • 10.30-16.00

    Test your motor skills with playground equipment and games that were common in the 1950s! Try racecars, couronne games, jump twist and much more!

  • At Bredablick

    Silver, Toy, Lillan, Troj and King are Skansen’s unique stick horses that can jump hurdles. Why not have a stick horse race with your friends?

  • Are you curious about what it’s like to work at a modern zoo? Or would you like to learn more about the animals? Attend one of Skansen’s animal talks this summer and ask the animal keeper all your questions!

  • Skåne Farmstead/Väla school

    Explore the hedgehog’s habitat, identify crucial plant hosts and learn more about bird cages. The nature trail between Skåne Farmstead and Väla School educates our visitors on wildlife, nature and biological diversity.

  • Upper escalator hallway

    Challenge the whole family! Play bingo by solving the tasks listed on the bingo tile. Bingo cards can be found in the upper escalator hallway.

  • The Children’s Zoo features large outdoor and indoor playgrounds. The snake slide and a large no-touch-the-ground track are some of the attractions featured here.

  • Ekorrparken is Skansen’s largest playground, featuring a tree house and climbing frames for slightly older children.

  • Päronparken is a quite tranquil and peaceful playground. There are rope sheep, lovely warm eggs and mushrooms to jump on.

  • Experience the most charming carnival area ever, featuring old-fashioned carousels, lottery, dance floor and cafes. There is something for everyone, regardless of age.

  • Go beneath the surface to learn about the species that live there, and participate in important exhibits on the Baltic Sea and the environment. In our aquariums, you may see underwater environments that range from coastal archipelagos to open sea.

  • The Skansen aquarium is home to a variety of animals, including monkeys, fish and crocodiles, as well as scorpions, parrots and frogs. Welcome to a fascinating and exotic part of Skansen.


  • Where are the toilets and changing tables?

    Toilets are located at the Main Entrance, Hazelius Gate, The Children’s Zoo, Vaktstugan, behind Högloftet, Skogens hus and the slope right above Galejan. All toilets have a changing table. Accessible toilets are located at the main entrance, the Hazelius gate, Skogens hus and behind Högloftet. The facilities behind Bredablick, inside Skansen Terrassen and near the main entrance are accessible for wheelchair users.

  • Are there any strollers for rent?

    At the main entrance, strollers can be rented for SEK 50.

  • Can you bring your stroller into restaurants and cafés?

    Due to fire safety concerns, it is not permitted to bring the stroller into any of our restaurants. The stroller must also be left outside The Children’s Zoo.

  • Where are good spots to have picnics?

    Skansen features a number of beautiful picnic areas! Picnic meals are welcome anywhere at Skansen, with the exception of the gardens around our historic buildings. Torslunden has a picnic area with tables, while Tingsvallen and Orsakullen are other good picnic locations. Currently, there is no inside picnic area.

  • Bicycles and scooters

    Bicycles and scooters are not permitted within the area, nor are skateboards or roller skates.

  • Is there a family ticket?

    No, but you can add one or more children aged four to fifteen to your annual pass for SEK 50 each.

    Children under the age of four can always enter for free.