Garden Days at Skansen

Come and discover the lush world of gardens! For two weekends in May, we open our gardens for you to explore and get inspiration, knowledge and pleasure ahead of the upcoming gardening season.

  • The bustling garden market will sell everything from flowers and seeds to ceramics and garden furniture. Meet Skansen’s gardeners and educators, and learn more about our green cultural heritage. There will also be nature crafts for children.

    Listen to music from the walking orchestra and meet Skansen’s community association. In the kitchen wing, you can find out what life was like for those who worked at the manor. Inside the grand manor house, there will be a beautiful floral exhibition. You can look forward to all this and much more in May as Skansen comes into bud!

Activities during Garden Days

  • Rose garden

    In the Rose garden there are more than 100 speices of roses. Older and new ones is growing side by side. Learn more about them and get other tips for the upcoming garden season.

  • The Herb Garden at Skansen, photo Marie Andersson

    Herb garden

    Skansen’s first herb garden was established as early as 1892. Welcome to explore the herbs and learn more about brewing tea using them.

  • Skogaholm’s garden at Skansen, photo Marie Andersson

    Skogaholm kitchen garden

    Learn more about the plants in a kitchen garden from the 18th century. Here you can find, herbs, flowers, berry bushes, potatoes and different fruit trees. Younger visitors can learn how to plant a potato.

  • The garden at the printer´s workshop at Skansen Foto Marie Andersson

    Bookprinter's garden

    Explore a city garden as it looked like in the 1840’s. We will show you what plants where common back then and younger visitors can plant a bean.

  • Tobacco growing at Skansen, photo Maria Johansson

    Tanner's yard

    1725 the King urged all citizens to grow tobacco. Soon small back yards where used to grow it. At the Tanner’s yard you can find one of our tobacco cultivations.

  • The Allotments

    At Skansen there are two Allotment huts with gardens from the 1920’s and 1940’s On site you can chat with persons who actually own one themselves.

Flower exhibition by Johan Munter

Inside the beautiful 18th century Skogaholm Manor you can enjoy this year’s flower exhibition, created by designer Johan Munter. Step through the manor’s doors to enjoy and be inspired by the blossoming arrangements inspired by the 18th century!

More activities

  • Garden market

    At the Bollnäs square you will find exhibitors, you can buy the Skansen geranium, cheramics, tools and other things needed for the upcoming gardening season.

  • Skogaholm kitchen wing

    Take part of 18th century cooking. Food is prepared with herbs and other things from the big garden. Learn how the servants lived in small rooms behind the kitchen.

  • Nature crafts for children

    Make your own seed bombs or just plant a seed in a paper pot you just made yourself. At the site you can also build your own nesting box.

  • Activities with Skansens village community

    Try carving, broom making, knot making and various other crafts. Knitters are also available to teach you complicated ways to knit.

  • Exchange saplings

    Bollnäs square

    Bring 1-3 saplings and change them to other new ones.

  • Climb like an arborist

    The meadow by the Post office

    To work with trees you need skills like safe climbing. Have a go with a harness made for the purpose.

  • Make a compost

    The meadow by the Hazelius mansion

    What do you need to make a compost? What kind of materials can you use? Learn more and try yourself

  • Machine park

    Orsa hill

    Have a closer look at a tractor, an excavator and lawn mower. Maybe the children like to sit in one?

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