Kinda chicken

The Kinda chicken came about in poor conditions on the crofts of Kindabygden in Östergötland. It had to search for food itself and live off what it found.

  • As Sweden grew richer, people wanted chickens that laid more eggs or produced more meat, which required feed. As a result, the Kinda chicken virtually disappeared. In the 1950s, a man called Hans Ottosson obtained some Kinda chickens from a flock in Västra Eneby parish. It is from these birds that today’s Kinda chickens originated.

    The Kinda chicken can have a variety of appearances. Some have woolly feathers, while others have feathers on their feet. They can have different shaped combs, either a classic comb or what is known as a rose comb

  • Did you know…

    The first domestic chickens came to our part of the world about 2,000 years ago. Over time, our locally adapted native breeds have developed.

  • Native breeds

    Native breeds are populations of domesticated animals that have lived for so long in the same area that they have adapted to the local environment and its specific conditions. Swedish native breeds have declined in number, but there is a growing focus on efforts to preserve them as they are an important genetic resource and part of our cultural heritage.

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You can find the Kinda chicken here