Christmas in houses and farmsteads

Take a tour of Christmas celebrations from the 1830's and onwards. The bonfires are lit and the Christmas dinner tables from different time in history. In several of the Skansen houses and farmsteads, christmas and coffee tables stand waiting and christmas trees have been decorated, illustrating the Yuletide customs of days gone by. Several of the traditional courses on the Christmas table are still a part of present-day celebrations.

  • The Printer’s Home: 1840s
    The young couple that runs the printing press celebrates Boxing day with a dinner for friends and with the Christmas tree right in the middle of the table.

    Delsbo farmstead: 1850s
    Here you will find a Christmas table set for dinner with beautiful candles and the best food one could think of.

    The Oktorp farmstead: 1870s
    It’s Christmas eve on the farm in the south of Sweden. The family is about to sit down at the Christmas table (closed Christmas eve).

    The Post office: 1910s
    The coffee table is set and the tree is dressed. In the warm religious home, Christmas is a more quietly festive one.

    The Farm Labourer’s Cottage: 1920s
    Christmas in the home of the farm labourer’s is simple but solemn. The pig has been slaughtered and there’s pork and the traditional bacalao with bechamel sauce for dinner.

    The Ironmonger’s apartment: 1930s
    The family is cleaning and decorating their modern apartment, waiting for Christmas.
    Christmas baking Dec 1–7 and 15–21

    The Ironware store: 1930s
    Buy the latest in fashion this Christmas in the 1930’s – Christmas tree decorations, angel candlesticks and butter pigs.

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