Walpurgis Night

The Walpurgis Night tradition came to Sweden from Germany as early as the Middle Ages. Join the celebration on April 30th – a Skansen tradition since 1892.

  • On April 30th, University students have free entry. Show valid student ID at the main entrance. For other guests, regular entrance fee applies – pre-purchase your ticket for a quicker entry.

  • The students’ celebration

    14.00–14.50 Celebrate with Stockholm Federation of Student Unions (SSCO) at Sollidenscenen (the Solliden stage).

    The programme is presented in Swedish

    Spring speech, bonfire and music

    Traditional Walpurgis celebration at Sollidenscenen (the Solliden Stage), hosted by Kattis Ahlström.

    20.30–20.45 Music performance by VÄSEN, a folk music group with Olov Johansson on nyckelharpa (key fiddle) and Mikael Marin on viola.

    20.45–20.55 Spring speech

    21.00 The bonfire is lit

    21.00–21.20 Choir singing by Stockholm Academic Male Chorus

    21.20–22.00 Entertainment with TARRABAND

    The programme is presented in Swedish and English

  • Entry and security check by the Solliden stage starts from 18:00. Therefore, please refrain from bringing large bags and ensure to arrive well in advance for a quicker entry process.

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