Jazz at Skansen 2024

At Skansen, you have been able to enjoy jazz since the 1950s, and still can today! During five Wednesday evenings this summer you can listen to jazz at the Solliden stage.

  • Important information

    Note that there is no bag ban for the Jazz, as there is at other stage events at Skansen.

  • Jazz at Skansen offers something for everyone who enjoys music! World-class musicians perform entertaining music, with jazz classics running through the program.

    Skansen has a long history of jazz concerts on the Solliden stage, dating back to the late 1950s. Arne Domnérus, Leif “Smoke Rings” Andersson, Bengt Hallberg, Kjell Öhman, and Svante Thuresson have led the jazz concerts in previous years on the Solliden Stage. Since 2022, Nils Landgren has been leading Jazz at Skansen.

  • Information

    Tickets: Ordinary entrance ticket applies and can be purchased at the entrance or as a pre-purchase ticket.

    Accessibility: Guests in wheelchairs purchase an entrance ticket as usual, accompanying person are admitted free entrence with a valid companion ID. Shuttle service/taxi can drop off and pick up at the car park next to Solliden.

    Time: Wednesdays from 19.00 to 20.15, according to the dates presented below.

  • Participating in the jazz evenings

    Trombonist and singer Nils Landgren not only participates musically, but also presents the program in his most personal way! By his side, he has the bassist Hans Backenroth, who is also the conductor of the house band, which includes pianist Leo Lindberg and drummer Joakim Ekberg.

    Every Wednesday evening two guests will perform, with one exception for the final evening, when the centenarians Alice Babs, Arne Domnérus, and Putte Wickman are honored by musicians with a close relationship to the three great jazz icons and their music. Alice Babs, Arne Domnérus, and Putte Wickman performed on several occasions at the Solliden stage.

    Premiere: Wednesday July 17

    Kristin Amparo, vocals
    Lelo Nika jr, accordion

    Wednesday July 24

    Sinne Eeg, vocals
    Georg Wadenius, guitar

    Wednesday July 31

    Sharon Dyall, vocals
    Peter Asplund, trumpet

    Wednesday August 14

    Rigmor Gustafsson, vocals
    Filip Jers, harmonica

    Final: Wednesday August 21

    Hannah Svensson, vocals
    Klas Lindqvist, saxophone
    Jan Lundgren, piano
    Claes Crona, piano

Joakim Ekberg, Hans Backenroth, Leo Lindberg och Nils Landgren

Jan Lundgren

Sinne Eeg

Georg Wadenius

Sharon Dyall

Filip Jers

Klas Lindquist

Kristin Amparo

Rigmor Gustafsson

Lelo Nika jr.

Hannah Svensson

Peter Asplund

Claes Crona

About the performers

  • Nils Landgren

    Nils Landgren is one of Sweden’s most famous musicians. He began playing drums when he was six years old, but soon switched to the trombone as his main instrument. At the Ingesund Academy of Music, he shifted from studying classical music to improvisation. Nils’ debut album, Planet Rock, was published in 1983, while his album “The Funk Unit” made its first appearance and was recorded in 1992. In 1994, he made his international debut at the Jazz Baltica Festival in Germany. Nils has worked on at least 500 recordings with significant international stars including ABBA, The Crusaders, Eddie Harris, Wyclef Jean, and Herbie Hancock. Since 2022, he has led the Jazz concerts at Skansen, at the Solliden stage. He also serves as an artistic director of “Jazzradion” in SR P2.

    Hans Backenroth

    Hans Backenroth, a double bassist, has performed with legendary musicians such as Putte Wickman, Arne Domnérus, Monica Zetterlund, Bernt Rosengren, Ulf Wakenius, Bosse Brober and Svante Thuresson, as well as international musicians such as Clark Terry, Harry Allen, Toots Thielemans and Ed Thigpen. He is regularly touring Europe, North America and Japan, performing around 130 concerts. In 2009, Hans Backenroth published his first solo album, Bassic Instinct and founded his own quartet with Bernt Rosengren, Jacob Fischer and Roger Johansen. He serves as conductor for jazz concerts at Skansen.

    Leo Lindberg

    Leo Lindberg is one of Sweden’s most prominent young jazz musicians, and has already played with Bernt Rosengren, Amanda Sedgwick and Nisse Sandström. Despite his youth, Leo has had many successful tours in Sweden and abroad. In 2014, he released his debut solo album, “Leo’s Bag,” alongside bassist Kenji Rabson and drummer Moussa Fadera. Leo has been acknowledged with various awards and scholarships, including the Young Nordic Jazz Comets soloist prize and the Louis Armstrong and Monica Zetterlund Scholarship.

    Joakim Ekberg

    Joakim Ekberg has been a professional musician since age 14 and a teacher since age 18. He teaches at the Academy of Music in Piteå, Framnäs Folk College, SMI in Stockholm and runs a private drum school. As a performer, he has toured around the world, appeared on various CDs and collaborated with notable Swedish and worldwide jazz players. Joakim Ekberg performs music in a variety of genres, including jazz, pop, fusion, rock, soul, Latin, samba and classical music. Since 1985, Joakim Ekberg has been employed at Musik i Uppland.

  • Kristin Amparo

    Kristin Amparo has performed on Sweden's largest stages and toured around the globe. She has been compared to Ella Fitzgerald and Amy Winehouse in one person, and she freely glides across genres. She is also a songwriter, with songs like "Din soldat" and "Dance Our Tears Away" reaching the top of the Swedish and international charts. Kristin Amparo is now one of Sweden's most well-known jazz musicians and has received the Alice Babs scholarship, among other accomplishments.

  • Lelo Nika jr.

    Lelo Nika Jr. is an eighth-generation musician from a long-standing musical family with Serbian roots. He freely alternates between jazz, roman folklore and global music. Lelo has received numerous awards for his music, including the Malmö City cultural scholarship Hagström and the Royal Academy of Music's grand accordion prize. Despite his young age, he has performed in several concerts throughout Europe, including solo performances at the Stockholm Folk Opera and with the Prague Philharmonic at the Rudolfinum in the Czech Republic.

  • Sinne Eeg

    Sinne Eeg, a Danish jazz vocalist, has established herself as an international jazz star. After graduating from Vestjyska Music Conservatory in Esbjerg in 2003, she relocated to Copenhagen, where her career thrived. She gained popularity throughout Europe and Asia with her album Waiting for Dawn, which was selected as Danish Vocal Jazz Album of the Year in 2007. Sinne is now a popular songwriter in addition to touring around the globe as a performer. She has received many awards and accolades for her works.

  • Georg Wadenius

    Georg "Jojje" Wadenius has been playing guitar and composing since 1968. He gained popularity with the group Made in Sweden and as a composer of children's music. In the 1970s, he performed with Blood, Sweat, and Tears and became one of the most in-demand studio musicians in Sweden, the United States and Norway. In New York, he performed with Luther Vandross, Roberta Flack, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, Aretha Franklin and the Backstreet Boys. Today, based in Oslo, he continues to work as a performer and composer, collaborating with different bands and singers.

  • Sharon Dyall

    Sharon Dyall is one of Sweden's most varied performers, working in soul, blues, jazz and musicals. She started her music career with the band Little Mike & The Sweet Soul Music Band. Sharon received the Golden Mask for her work as Anita in West Side Story at Chinateatern in Stockholm. She has performed as a singer in a variety of jazz ensembles and settings. In addition, she works as an actress, director and translator.

  • Peter Asplund

    Peter Asplund made his jazz debut in the 1990s and is now regarded as one of the best trumpet players of his generation. He has published eight CDs under his own name and got the Golden Disc Award for two of them. Peter is the leader of the Blue House Jazz Orchestra, Stockholm Concert Hall's own big band, alongside saxophonist Magnus Lindgren. He also performs as a jazz singer.

  • Rigmor Gustafsson

    Rigmor Gustafsson has an extensive and award-winning career list. She is now one of Sweden's and Europe's most well-known and successful jazz performers. Rigmor has twelve records under her own name and has been awarded the Royal Academy's Jazz Prize, Sveriges Radio's Golden Cat Prize and His Majesty the King's Litteris et Artibus medal. She also got a Grammy for her album Alone With You. Rigmor has played in a variety of ensembles, including duos, symphony orchestras and television projects. Since 2017, she has been a member of the Royal Academy of Music.

  • Filip Jers

    Harmonica player Filip Jers has been called "The Swedish Harmonica Sensation" by music critics in Europe. He plays all kinds of harmonica, alternates easily between different genres and writes the music himself for the groups he participates in, for example the international world music band Stockholm Lisboa Project, the jazz quartet Filip Jers Kvartett and the jazz/folk trio Primus Motor. Filip won the harmonica world championship twice at the age of 18 in Trossingen, Germany. Since then, he has toured throughout Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.

  • Hannah Svensson

    Hannah Svensson has established herself as one of Sweden's most celebrated jazz singers. She has multiple albums in her portfolio and is a skilled songwriter. Hannah has been recognized in a variety of constellations and circumstances, both in Sweden and abroad.

  • Klas Lindquist

    Klas Lindquist plays alto saxophone and clarinet, and is also active as a composer. He has been awarded a number of different prizes and was an early member of the jazz band Second Line Jazzband and the Bohuslän Big Band, one of Sweden's few professional big bands. Klas has since led his own groups. Groups such as Stockholm Swing All Stars, Stockholm Voices, Champion Fulton Scandinavian Quartet and musicians such as Ulf Johansson Werre, Mathias Algotsson, Karl Olandersson and Jan Lundgren perform with Klas Lindquist.

  • Jan Lundgren

    Jan began taking piano lessons when he was five years old and instantly demonstrated his skills. It didn't take that long before he was performing among Swedish and American jazz legends. Jan, the pianist and composer, was a pioneer in separating European and American jazz. He has published around 50 CDs and has participated in projects with famous musicians around the world. Jan Lundgren is also the artistic director of the Ystad Jazz Festival and the well-known jazz venue Montmartre in Copenhagen.

  • Claes Crona

    Claes Crona is a legendary jazz pianist, known from a large number of recordings with various musicians. During the 1960s he had his own trio with Jan Allan and Lars Gullin based at Nalen in Stockholm. He toured with Petula Clark in the 1960s, collaborated with Putte Wickman beginning in the 1907s and toured with Benny Goodman around 1980. Claes collaborated with several well-known musicians in the 2010s, including Louise Hoffsten, Lill Lindfors, Viktoria Tolstoy, Svante Thuresson, Vivian Buczek and Peter Asplund.

  • Start the evening on Gubbhyllan’s veranda

    Before each jazz evening, you can start with “Verandahjazz” at Gubbhyllan between 17:00 and 19:00! Take the opportunity to pre-book a table at Gubbhyllan, book here!

Day Time
17 July 2024 19.00-20.15
24 July 2024 19.00-20.15
31 July 2024 19.00-20.15
14 August 2024 19.00-20.15
21 August 2024 19.00-20.15
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