Holidays for ordinary people

The 50s move into Skansen this summer in the form of a travel agency from the time and with the project Cycling holiday 1952. Welcome to learn about the 50s holidays and ideals June 6–August 13!

  • Ever since the introduction of the universal right to a holiday in Sweden, travelling has been the popular dream. But did you know that the idea of holidays for all is actually quite new? The first statutory holiday came in 1938, with two weeks off work. This was extended to three weeks in 1951, and to four weeks in 1963. Since 1977, just like today, everyone in Sweden has been entitled to five weeks of holiday every year.


    Relax but, don’t be lazy!

    When employees got a third week of vacation in 1951, there was already an ideal that had been bubbling since the arrival of the vacation in the late 1930s. Resting up had its advantages, but a vacation on the couch was not ideal.

    No, the “proper” vacation according to the standards of the time would be both physically active and have useful elements: the vacationer would learn something new and try new things. Relax, but don’t be lazy!


    Now the worries and troubles of summer begin

    A vacation in the 1950s was not just about relaxing and resting. The ideal was to be active and gain new knowledge! Going out into nature was considered beneficial for both body and soul – a cycling holiday contained all the parts.

    But a holiday in the green might not appeal to everyone: it could be difficult with heavy luggage, winding roads, storms, mosquito bites and prickly needles. However, it was an affordable way to travel and an easy way to experience both nature and culture!


    Let the housewife rest

    Just because it was holiday time, not everyone in the family got time off. The home or the rented cottage in the country needed to be cleaned and the family’s growling stomachs had to be fed. But during the 1950s people began to pay attention to the fact that even housewives should be given a break from everyday life!

    Why not let her take a vacation of her own after the family vacation? How much rest there could possibly be, considering that the housewife had to make preparations for the family before her absence – all the practical things that only she could do.

  • Cycling holiday 1952

    At Skansen this summer you get to meet Ulla and Gunnel, two 25-year-old friends and colleagues on a cycling holiday. Read more and experience Cycling holiday 1952!

  • Let your 50s vacation begin!

    Here at Skansen, you can experience the brisk holiday habits that took off during the eventful 1950s. During your visit, you can meet the cycling vacationers Gunnel and Ulla from 1952, learn about the Swedish right of public access, experience a Sweden in miniature, dance on Galejan’s dance floor, have a picnic in the green and much more. Let’s roll!