Food and drinks

Enjoy a break during your visit in the park. We offer various possibilities for lunch, a "fika" or a traditional Swedish smorgasbord in one of the many cafés and restaurants at Skansen.

  • Experience Skansen’s restaurants and cafes

    Skansen is not only a destination to explore Sweden’s landscape, culture, and wildlife, it also offers a taste of Sweden’s rich culinary heritage. Skansen features some of Stockholm’s top restaurants and cafes.

    As a visitor, you can explore Skansen’s unique gardens, culturally significant buildings and farms while also enjoying a variety of restaurants, cafes and food stands that provide gourmet experiences. From the traditional Swedish cuisine that enhances Skansen’s time travel through history to modern tastes.

    Enjoy a variety of taste experiences, whether it’s an elegant dinner, a simple cup of coffee, or a wonderful lunch in a tranquil and unique location in the heart of Stockholm and the fantastic nature of Djurgården.

    You can also schedule a meal at one of our restaurants for your business or friends and family. When you visit our open-air museum and zoo, take a break to indulge in a culinary trip through Sweden’s rich food culture.

    Purchase your ticket here and enjoy a full day at Skansen and new taste experiences!


  • Are the grills lighted?

    The grills are lit daily from October–April. During the summer, only on special program days. It is not allowed to bring your own barbecue.