Our sustainability work

As one of Sweden's premier tourist destinations and a responsible employer and partner, we recognize the importance of leading by example. Our work aligns with global and national sustainability goals, particularly those outlined in the UN's Agenda 2030.

  • Skansen’s sustainability work includes numerous activities and initiatives. It aims to create a long-term sustainable organization based on environmental, economic, and social aspects in accordance with global and national development and environmental goals.

    We endeavour om taking ambitious steps towards a more sustainable future through collaboration with our guests, partners, and co-workers.

    We want to make environmentally smart choices easy – both for our guests and for ourselves.

    Active sustainability work

    To offer Skansen’s guests high-quality experiences, the goal is to integrate sustainability-related goals and strategies across the organization. This means constant development and review of energy efficiency, waste management, emissions, creating good working environment conditions and making financially responsible choices. All environmental impact should be reduced to the level that is environmentally, historically, technically, and economically feasible.

    To streamline and drive forward the sustainability efforts, Skansen has adopted an action plan with activities within several prioritized development areas that include all parts of the organization.

    Responsible use of resources

    Skansen has taken several steps towards reaching the goals regarding reduced energy consumption, reduced dependence on fossil fuels and reduced water consumption. Continued phasing out of fossil fuels, both in terms of heating and transport, has generated positive results. New technology has reduced the consumption of water and energy. During 2023, Skansen also took the step towards a completely fossil-free vehicle fleet.

    We have high ambitions and goals regarding the reduction of waste and aims to gradually reduce waste, increase the recycling rate, and improve efficiency waste logistics. One identified challenge is to raise the percentage of guests who participate in waste sorting. A planned measure set to be implemented in 2024 to address this issue is to increase the quantity of sorting bins throughout the park.

    While we are proud of the progress we have made, we are committed to doing more.

    Species conservation and animal welfare

    At Skansen Zoo we work with education, conservation and research. As a non-profit organization, the zoo’s main purpose is to spread knowledge about animals, nature, and sustainability to our guests.

    Skansen is a member of IUCN (The International Union for Conservation of Nature), EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria), WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and SDF (Svenska Djurparksföreningen) – organizations that all work with conservation projects and collaborations for to promote biological diversity.

    At Skansen, animal welfare is a top priority. All animals at Skansen live in an environment that is adapted to meet their needs and resemble their real living environment. We always consider the individual needs of each species, as well as individual animals. Skansen’s animals are cared for by trained staff with experience in caring for and protecting the welfare of animals.

    Educator on environmental issues and sustainable development

    Skansen’s educational offer is based on Agenda 2030. Every year over 50 000 students visit Skansen to learn about nature, culture heritage, and sustainability. As a community institution, Skansen has an important role in working inclusively, make information available and protect fundamental freedoms, in accordance with national legislation and international agreements.

    Partnerships and collaborations

    Focusing on sustainability issues for the long term is central to our mission, and the exceptional dedication of all our partners is both valued and incredibly significant to us. The business and financial support that a partnership entail is of crucial importance to Skansen.

    Sustainable employer

    The employees are one of Skansen’s most important assets. Our employees meet our guests and drives the business forward with high loyalty and commitment. Skansen wants to be an attractive workplace where all employees can develop. A sustainable leadership and employees must have a continuous focus to establish a good values-based culture.

Skansen's sustainability work – prioritized development areas

• Preserve the Swedish cultural heritage

• Species conservation and biodiversity

• Preserve Swedish native breeds and cultural heritage plants

• Education

• Global partnerships and collaborations

• Sustainable food service

• Sustainable events

• Sustainable waste management

• Sustainable use of resources – consumption of energy & fossil fuels

• Sustainable use of resources – consumption of water

• Sustainable purchases

• Sustainable employer

  • A family enjoying autumn at Skansen

    For the second year in a row, Skansen has been named Sweden’s most sustainable brand in the travel and tourism industry in the SustainableBrand Index.

  • Dance around the Christmas tree with Skansens folk dancers

    Our dedicated volunteers play a crucial role in enhancing the guest experience. Actively engaged in interactions with Skansen’s visitors, our volunteers contribute to creating a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Skansens is an active partner of The Swedish Arctic Fox Project (Svenska Fjällrävsprojektet). We support the research project through funding and staff resources.